Ever had a Dress that you bought only because it was just too beautiful to be left out but sadly you’re still waiting to fit into that dress? I know how that feels. God! Its time we get this extra pounds over with and flaunt those curves in that dress, all you gotto do is follow these 5 steps to lose weight and get back into that dress. It will happen! This time..Pukka 😉

Call Quits with all the white stuff


With white stuff im referring to Rice, Maida, sugar, pasta :p Yes leave it all! Time to break up cause they are doing you more bad than good!  Swear off added sugar and rice except for once in a while(which must be rare) cheat meals. Same for the carbs that are refined. Go whole grain or wheat, No Carbs after 8 PM.

Portion Control

portioncontrolThe slightly hard part! Believe it or not we often end up eating more than the amount which is actually required by our body. To not let that happen switch to smaller plates and spoons. Avoid snacking in between the meals. Include proteins and only healthy fats in your meal.

Light Exercise! You have to do it!


There is absolutely no subsitute for exercise. If you won’t move that body it won’t lose weight. So somelight exercises are must preferably in the morning when you’re fesh and energetic! Try out the 7 minute workout regime for a start!

Hydrating is the key!


Keep yourself hydrated! Drink at least 2 litres of water daily. For this keep a bottle of measured volume filled with water by your side all the time and keep sipping. You can also prepare Detox water at home by infusing some lemon (nimbu), mint (Pudina), Ginger (adrak), cucumber (Kheera). This magic drink will let help you lose weight quickly! Get method to prepare here.

Get Sleep And Relax!

Woman sleeping. Top view of beautiful young woman lying in bed and keeping eyes closed while covered with blanket

Your body also needs rest and sleep to let it rejuvenate. Sleeping also burns calories. Get to bed by 10:30 or 11PM max and get yourself a healthy 8 hour sleep. Take time to relax and swear off the screen atleast 15 mins before going to bed. Relax your eyes, mind and body, its very important!

So here are the 5 simple steps! Quite simple right? There’s nothing hard really! Just set your desired weight or inches as a goal and work for it! You’ll get there.. for sure!

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