5 Stimulating Sex Positions That’ll Help You Embrace All Those New Feels

With The All New Switched-Up Angles, check out the Seductive and Stimulating Sex Positions that'll Help You Embrace All Those New Feels

Sometimes a little switch-up in a sex position can make a huge difference. Example? Next time you’re quite a lot more horny, slide your legs down straight between his and press them together. and trust me, the position is going to be worth your night. Here are some other ways to tweak the entry angle so you can embrace all those new feels. Have a look –

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Bum’s Rush

Lie on your back with your legs over his shoulders. He kneels in front of you (as he damn well should) to slide in. The twist is he holds and lifts your bum for some good for support and just because it feels good. If he’s the type to suck your toes, he totally should, because that %[email protected]# is good.

Bum's Rush
| Image Courtesy – Cosmopolitan |

The Couch Twerk

Sit on his lap, facing away from him, with your legs outside of his. Sit back on him to take him enjoy that deep penetration. Wiggle your hips around to get yourself situated (and also just because). The twist: lean forward and put your hands on the floor. Just a heads up that this only works if you’re A) kind of flexible and B) willing to give him a big and risen up close view of your bum.

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The Couch Twerk
| Image Courtesy – Cosmopolitan |

The Upside Down Cake

When you just need something different, it’s time to bust this move. Get on your back. The twist is flip your legs back over your head like the yoga position, then bend your knees so they’re on either side of your head. (Have him do a slide grind instead of fast thrusting and tuck your chin into your chest so you don’t break your neck.)

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The Upside Down Cake
| Image Courtesy – Cosmopolitan |

The Fire Starter

Lie face down with your hips at the edge of your bed while your partner holds onto your legs. The twist: he lifts your hips off the bed (pick a strong dude for this one.) Arch your back so your belly is closer to the bed and your pelvis is tilted toward the ceiling. Add some deep squeezes into it, and you’ll discover all kinds of underserved areas that should be serviced at once.

| Image Courtesy – Cosmopolitan |

The Double Knot

Lie on your back with your legs slightly spread. The twist: your partner lies on you diagonally, like an X, letting your legs intertwine. Roll your hips against each other to discover new sensitive spots, plus, the indirect stim will make it last longer, which, bonus.

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| Image Courtesy – Cosmopolitan |

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