5 Surprising Pictures Of Cosmic Universe Released By NASA

The US space agency NASA has released a number of pictures of the universe, which are fascinating as well as surprising. Through these pictures, it can be understood how unprecedented, amazing and mysterious the universe is. The images that NASA has released were drawn from the X-ray telescope ‘Chandra X-ray Observatory‘, which is believed to be highly effective.

Universe images released by NASA include galaxies, remnants of supernova, stars, planetary nebulas. Photographs released by NASA also include X-ray data taken from other telescopes.

NASA has shared these best pictures of the universe on Twitter, which are mesmerising. NASA’s Twitter handle says, ‘Overview of our universe in different types of galaxies.’

It is worth mentioning here that NASA launched ‘Chandra X-ray Observatory‘ on 23 July 1999. This name was given to it in honor of the Indian-American physicist Subramanian Chandrasekhar, who is known for determining the maximum mass for stars.

The Chandra X-ray Observatory helps scientists to take X-ray images of high-energy regions in the universe. In the cosmic world, these X-rays are formed only when a substance is heated to millions of degrees. They are emitted from black holes, neutron stars and supernova remnants.

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