A new life, various possibilities, and endless embarrassment sums up a graduate student pretty well. If you just have graduated from college and need a fact check on the new mutiny you are having with your life. This article is for you. And if you are still in college and are here to the potential danger you are in, you may think ‘please, someone write my dissertation’ to get you through the rest.

1. Graduation Means a New Life:

College students are expected to start a professional life just after graduation. A professional life means new environment and new people. The life you have been leading throughout your college life is not going to work anymore. As you must’ve realised by now as a recent graduate, you desperately need a clean sweep.

Your shirts seem a bit childish, your jeans too tight, your car – too flashy. The things you’ve doing while a student are the news of past. You would realise that you need new blazers to go with the professional setup. 

While being a student, you didn’t have any care for the world. As a graduate, you need to act out of your character now, be a professional. While all these seemed like a dream, now as it unfolds, it has become a nightmare. But don’t be overwhelmed with all the emotional changes you are going through, just as you’ve passed the tumbling phase when starting out college, this is no different.

2. Early Mornings:

Gone are the days when you could get ready in half a minute just by brushing your teeth and putting on your favorite T-shirt. You could be in a morning class of 9 even after waking up at 8:45 and never be late. But now, if you require to attend a meeting at 10, you need to get prepared from at least 2 hours before.

It’s like going back to high school again. The physically draining, emotionally straining morning  routines are now here to stay. As a recent graduate, you’ll now be forced to adapt to this routine all over again, and for the most part of your life. There’s no going back now.

3. Schedules are Here to Stay:

Long gone are those days when you could customize your schedule weekly or even daily to manage your studies. Now as a graduate, or possibly as a professional, you are expected to stick to the 9-5 routine throughout the rest of your life. Or, if you set up your own business, it’s 6-10, from 6 in the morning to 10 in the night.

4. Making New Friends is Work:

Work friends are not much of friend and more of a work. You are going to realise that soon enough. Making a friend, maintaining a friendship is as hard as it gets in the workplaces. When you first get in the professional zone, No one seems to be anyone’s friend, and that is what you are going to rediscover after your first backstab experience.

Work wife is a term we use pretty casually and unromantically. A work wife is someone who is your partner in crime and your only friend in the workplace. As you both are both of yours work wife, the relationship troubles don’t end up quite well. Breaking up with a work wife is very complicated and you may end up getting fired. So, trade carefully when choosing your work friend.

5. It’s Time for Adulthood:

You now are considered an adult after graduation. Those middle aged uncles you have been making fun of a few days ago now start treating you as their equal and even invite you to their house parties. The strange thing about being a adult is that you even like to spend time with them.

Your family now expects you to take responsibilities, end up home in christmas, and even have children, any of which you are certainly not yet ready to comprehend. True. How are you even supposed to know the debt you are in? 

The Bottom Line:

Graduation presents endless possibilities, but takes a few too. Expect the unexpected and you’ll never be disappointed. Whenever you start peeking in the professional life, things are ought to change around you. We can just sympathesize for you, the rest is on your shoulders. Keep your head high and spearhead the graduation ceremony with good topics to write about. Everything will be alright.