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High Life 5 Things We Do These Days on Social Media For Our Virtual...

5 Things We Do These Days on Social Media For Our Virtual Personalities to Impress Others

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It’s really a thing of a surprise that how social media is influencing our lives. Everything we do in our lives we share them on the social media. But for what and why? Have you ever thought of it? Yes, to impress others with the personality that in actual, we aren’t! Admit it guys, we are all guilty of doing the following things for our social media profiles and show people with our posts, the virtual personality we possess on our accounts.

1) Photo first, food later

#Foodstagram – Clicking the photos of the food rather than munching it up as soon as it gets served on the table. Not only food but we also show the place we are dining in! Let’s be honest, sometimes we even go to a place just to make sure our social media feed looks stunning (and yummy).

2) Set of Filters

Making a random picture a professional one is an art we all mastered now. Even when the picture we click is average, we know we can fix things with a cool filter.

3) Wearing dress only to impress

Admit it! These days we buy clothes only by keeping this thing in mind that they will look good in the pictures. Well, after wishing for our crush to sees us, of course! Sometimes, we play dress up just for our social media feed.

4) The Hashtagging

Use of trending hashtags of the day is our left-hand game now. We will use the right hashtags with our posts just to make sure it appears in the explore category of our social media feed.

5) Do it like celebrities

We follow our favourite celebrities all because your love for them will get more people who like them to like you. This will increase your followers and then a number of likes and ultimately will make you popular.

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