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High Life 5 Tips to Gain Bulky Muscles Without Getting Fat - A Fitness...

5 Tips to Gain Bulky Muscles Without Getting Fat – A Fitness Guide!

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Hey! you want to build muscles, but you don’t want to gain weight right? Nice, lean, awesome looking muscles is all you want! So you set up a perfect fitness time-table with proper balanced diet and proceed to put them both into action to the best of your ability. That’s great!

However, agree or not in the process of building a noticeable amount of muscle as quickly as possible, there is possibly some fat will be gained. So if you want to know how to gain bulky muscles without getting fat you need to read the tips mentioned below:

Track your daily calorie intake

In order to gain weight, one must eat more. However, you will gain fat if you spike your calorie intake suddenly. Add calories moderately in your diet and keep a record of your daily calorie intake. This will avoid fat gains for sure. You need to add 500kcal/day.

Eat in between the interval of 3 hours

Eating every 3 hours won’t increase your metabolism, however, more frequent meals will make it easier to gain weight since you fragment your calorie intake.

Junk food and alcohol is prohibited

The consumption of junk food and alcohol leads to gain fat. This will massively affect your body-building progress. Junk food is highly processed and contains large amounts of carbohydrates, added sugar, unhealthy fats and salt (sodium). So avoid junk food & alcohol consumption.

Include some cardio

Implementing 10-20 mins high cardio sessions a week is a sure shot way to gain healthy and bulky muscles alongwith keeping unwanted fat gain under control. This kind of cardio sessions supports muscle growth while eliminating excess fat storage.

Eat whole foods

Adding whole foods in your diet is the best way to gain muscles without gaining fat as these foods are unprocessed and unrefined and come as close as possible to their natural state. 90% of your diet must consist of whole foods to avoid fat gains.

In order to build bulky muscles, you should consume more calories per day than your body burns, because building new muscle requires extra energy (calories). Therefore, follow these simple tips and flaunt your lean body without getting extra fat. Happy Gaining!

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