Here is quickie! We know how a pimple can practically ruin a girl’s life! A great date night can turn into a horrible nightmare if a pimple pops up right on the forehead or worse, on the cheek! Well, no more giving up plans and confidence to those irritating acne! 5 Tips to get rid of that stubborn pimple ASAP

1. Aspirin   

AM4CCC Aspirin tablets close up

This most popped in little devil is an anti-inflammatory and so the best and cheap way to get that nasty pimple settled! Just crush the tablet and make a paste with 3 parts of water and 1 part of Aspirin and apply it to the effected area with a Q-tip (Earbud). Keep it for half an hour till it gets dry and flakey and then wipe it off with a wet tissue.

2. Take a DippoolYou’d be thinking ‘How could you take a dip With a pimple popped on your face’ Well, that’s actually the best time for one as chlorine in the pool water helps to dry out your skin helping you to get rid off the acne. Make sure to moisturize the rest of your body and condition your hair.

3. Aloe Vera    aloe

This big boy from the skin-care world does you three good things. It cools down your skin, reduces inflammation and redness and also removes the excess oil from your skin!

4. Toothpaste   toothpaste

Now you must use this if you have by chance got a mammoth of pimple that needs to go quickly. toothpastes contain sislica which is nown to clear out moisture and oiliness so as such toothpaste can be used to dry out or reduce the size of the pimple overnight!

5. Honey Oh Honey!


In addition to being yummy, honey is a natural antibiotic and so helps to clear away all the bacteria from the skin causing acne to pop up.

You’re Welcome! 😀

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