5 TV Stars Who Had an Affair With Their On-screen Parents

We often heard affair stories of on-screen siblings that how they fell in love with each other in real life. But today we will tell you about affairs that happened between on-screen children and parents. Weird? But did happen, here’s a list:

Harshad Arora and Aparna Kumar

According to the reports, the ‘Mayavi Maling’ co-actors Harshad Arora and Aparna Kumar who play mother-son on-screen share a special friendship behind the cameras.

A source said that,

“Aparna and Harshad are always with each other — they come and leave together. On the set, too, Harshad waits for Aparna to finish her scenes and then they head to the vanity van, which they share. Everyone on the set is aware of their special friendship. They hang out even when they are not shooting.”


Ankit Gera and Monika Singh

They played mother-son in the serial ‘Pratigya’ and meanwhile they were in a relationship. However, their relationship ended on an ugly note.

Smita Bansal and Sidharth Shukla

According to the sources, while being married Smita Bansal had an affair with her on-screen son-in-law Sidharth Shukla.

Ram Kapoor and Eva Grover

Eva Grover played Ram Kapoor’s on-screen stepmother and according to the reports, they both have dated each other while doing the show.

Alok Nath and Neena Gupta

While playing on-screen father-in-law in the serial ‘Buniyaad’ Alok Nath dated actress Neena Gupta.