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High Life 5 Untouched Beaches in Goa

5 Untouched Beaches in Goa

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Being the party hub of India, Goa attracts tourists from various parts of the world. From raves to cruise parties, Goa is host to some of the biggest extravagant events and music festivals in India. During peak seasons, the beaches and shacks swarm with people and the indelible pristine beauty of the beaches gets veiled under the cacophonous jollity of the crowd.

Although Goa is the party capital of India, it beholds some of the most spellbinding and picturesque sights. Behind the cloak of carouses, it leads us to some the prettiest beaches in the country. If you are still unaware of this unconventional side of Goa, here are 5 beaches you should pay a visit:-

Kakolem Beach

Also known as the Tiger beach, Kakolem beach is a scenic destination away from the bustling crowd of Goa. The remote beach is ranked among one of the least crowded beaches of Goa, and hence, it has been able to sustain its pristine landscapes to date. Its beauty lies in its obscurity and serenity. Those who wish to spend some relaxing time on the beach while taking a seep of their beers, visit here for a rejuvenating experience. The stunning and magnificent view of the beach mesmerizes your soul and lures people craving to spend some time in the lap of nature.

Butterfly beach                  

Nearly 37 km from Margao, Butterfly beach is a meticulously designed prodigy of nature that is cloaked in obscurity. Among all the beaches, it is a hidden paradise offering unprecedented and unexploited scenic beauty. Besides the crystal clear water and unadulterated sand, this small private beach features hilltops clothed under the contrasting colourful patterns of butterfly wings. Sitting on the sand while watching the sun slowly disappearing below the horizon, calms down the madness of any troubled mind. One of the finest luxury resorts in GoaThe LaLiT Golf & Spa Resort Goa is located nearby. Replete with all modern amenities, it offers a royal like experience to its guests. Staying at one their sea facing rooms is an enriching experience you will never forget.    

Galgibaga Beach

Located 15 km from Canacona, Galibaga beach is a hidden gem snuggling in nature’s lap. It is a protected beach that shelters the endangered Olive Ridley turtles. Government has introduced strict measures to conserve the nesting place of these turtles and no beach shacks or hotels are allowed near this area. Embedded with crystal clear water, glistening sand, and coconut and palm trees, the isolated beach is a serene paradise coveted by many individuals. For the solitary adventure enthusiasts looking for an escape from the heaving surroundings, this beach is the perfect gateway.

Hollant Beach

The curvy shoreline along the foothills of Western Ghats, Hollant beach is a tranquil haven isolated from most of the world. With enticing surroundings, the beach exudes a rekindling aura that lures people looking for solace in solitude. The destination is ideal for love birds looking for spending some private time amidst the pristine surroundings. Since the water is calm and has no dangerous currents, it is the quintessential place for wading into the ocean.

Cola Beach

Cola beach is the breathtaking beauty of Goa located in Canacona. Away from the crowd and noise, this quaint and unexplored destination is a freak of nature. The calm and placid surroundings have turned it to the idyllic spot where you can spend hours sitting on the sand without any disturbance. It boasts of an exotic lagoon, encircled by beach huts and Rajasthani style tents. The flawless beach with the astonishing backdrop of palm trees manifests an indelible beauty that is rarely found.

Goa is an amazing jewel of India adorned with pristine beaches. During peak seasons, finding accommodation can be really difficult. So, make sure that you check the Goa hotel packages beforehand and make reservations accordingly.   

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