High Life 5 Useful Tips on Posing For Portrait Photos

5 Useful Tips on Posing For Portrait Photos

We get a good face, applied good makeup and looking absolutely perfect in the mirror. But why even then sometimes we don’t get a good photo? The reason is we don’t know how to pose instead of just knowing that all we have to do is to smile or pout but posing to get a perfect photo is much more than that! Here are some useful tips on taking portrait photos!

1) Breathe, its calming!

2) Sit, straight up!

3) Make a good posture!

4) Try not to chew gum

5) Don’t tense up your forehead.

6) Motorboat your lips, this will relax them.

7) Move your eyebrows up and down – This will relax your forehead.

8) Stick with non-reflective glasses.

9) Find your best angle – let the photographer know your best angle, don’t be shy to let him/her know.

10) Don’t fake or force a smile.

11) Practice smiling in front of the mirror.

After trying all these useful tips, all you should keep in your mind is confidence is always sexy. So be confident and have fun!

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