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High Life 5 Ways To Make Your Sandwich More Healthy

5 Ways To Make Your Sandwich More Healthy

We all love Sandwiches, who does not ? They are easy to make and keep your stomach full for a long time. It can be heavy as well as light. But How can you make your Sandwich even more healthy ? You just have to use the right ingredients for your Sandwich.

Pick the right bread

brown bread
 Image Credit : Golikart 

Brown bread is said to be the right bread, it’s more healthy than white bread and tastier as well. In India, there are many brands which also make brown bread like – Britannia, Bonn and they are easily available from the market.

Add Veggies To Your Sandwich

Vegetables used in Sandwiches
  Image Credit : Encourage spice

Add as much as vegetables you can in your Sandwich. The  vegetables used should be green, fresh and clean. You can use tomatoes, onions, cheese, capsicums, spinach, chicken, and lettuce.

Use Low-fat Mayonnaise

Image CreditGrub

Instead of using cream filled mayonnaise, you can use low fat cream, peanut butter.

Omelet and Bread


Sandwich can be made anyway ! the way you want combining omelet and bread is the healthiest breakfast you can have. Just do not make omelet soaked in oil, use a small amount of oil and fewer ingredients don’t add chilies, gram masala etc.

Add Meat To Your sandwich

Image CreditBibi

To lower the sodium content of your sandwich you can use fresh meat instead of stale meat. such as fresh turkey or chicken slices.

Add Low-Calorie Food

Image CreditBijou

Try something different add some freshly squeezed lemon juice, herbs to your sandwich. You can also add sliced apples, pears, and berries to your sandwich. Try different food to make your sandwich more interesting. You can opt for fresh strawberries instead of jam or jelly.

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