5 Ways To Say No To Someone Easily!

Honesty and trust do pay us a great prize, but sometimes our honesty can be a bit of problem for us too. Have you also faced the problem of never saying ‘no’ to someone, maybe it is just hard for you to ignore someone’s request, well, in that case, here we present you the list of 5 ways to say no to anyone easily:

1. Check Calender

If someone approaches you and tries to force his work or plans on you then you can easily look at your calendar and tell him that you are already booked for that specific day.


2. You are not the best guy to do it

Imagine, if someone comes to you and asks to do some professional or a really difficult work, then what you can possibly say to dodge him is “No! I am sorry but I don’t know how to do what you are asking for.”

3. Ask more information

If you don’t like the thing or concept which any asks you to do then asking more information is also the way to ignore it. This way the person will get bored answering your question and will himself ge the feeling that you can’t do the work correctly.


4. Ask for more time

This method will surely get that person angry on you because delaying is the thing which no one likes but who is the person who is forcing his work on someone else? therefore, in this condition even delaying work is also right.

Time - good

5. Remain quite

Just remaining quite is one of the best ways to say no. Whenever asked for a work which you don’t want to do or try to ignore that person in every possible way you can and don’t answer him back.This will not only bore the person but will also tell him that you’re not interested in doing his job.


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