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High Life 5 Weird Foods Of India No One Knows About

5 Weird Foods Of India No One Knows About

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Food is the thing which Indians like most, especially desi food voh bhi tadka maarke! Whereas some people like the desi oily food most, there’s also a separate category of food of which no one knows about. Well, we are also not sure about the taste of foods of this category but we do know that each and every food lover would love to know about them:

1. Khorisa

5 Weird Foods Of India No One Knows About

A bamboo grated bamboo shoot eaten raw or pickled in the areas of Assam which give the cuisine of this region a completely new taste.

2. Nahkham

5 Weird Foods Of India No One Knows About

Nahkam is a very popular food in the Garos of Meghalaya. Though this food is also characterised by its pungent odour, it is known to have a good taste of fish, vegetable and ashes.

3. Chaprah

5 Weird Foods Of India No One Knows About

Chaprah is a common chutney which adds taste to the food of the people who live in Chattisgarh but the only problem associated with it is that it is made up of real red ants and their eggs.

4. Black Rice

5 Weird Foods Of India No One Knows About

It’s just no the name but it is also black in colour but turns purple when cooked. Black rice is also popular by the names Magic Rice, Forbidden Rice and Purple rice and is the dish of Manipur. India is lucky to have such variety of rice as except India, only China has black rice which makes these two countries in the world to have this food.

5. Frog Legs


May sound Ewwwwish but frog legs are really very popular amongst the people of Sikkim and are considered very beneficial in case of stomach problems. Along with that, frog legs is also prepared in multiple ways to invoke their other health benefits.

So know when you have the knowledge about these uncommon foods of India too would you like to try them?

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