High Life Humour 5 Witty Responses to Height Shaming

5 Witty Responses to Height Shaming

Are you tired of people constantly telling you how short you are? Well join the club! Friends never get tired of calling you shorty or hobbit or dwarf etc.What’s worse is some people don’t EVER forget to remind you how short you are ( like really? I didn’t notice I was short,Thanks for telling me!)

If you really hate Height Shaming , then check out these witty Comebacks you can use when somebody teases you again!

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1.The Lewis Carroll

“Yes, I know! I know! I’m short! But you see, I was chasing this rabbit who had a large pocket watch and I tumbled down this rabbit hole, and there was a bottle that said DRINK ME, and I did, and so I’ve been wondering, do you have any…mushrooms?”

Alice In Wonderland does the job right?


2.The J.R.R. Tolkie

“Ah, yes. I’m short. But like the Hobbit, I can eat seven meals a day.”

source : Pinterest
source : Pinterest

3.You’ve studied quantum theory.What runs the universe? Subatomic particles. Viz, short bodies.

source : pinterest
source : pinterest

4.That perspective


5.Oh really? I didn’t know I was short!


In your face shamers!


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