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News 5 Year Old Girl Was Selling Lemonade But Council Officers Closed Down...

5 Year Old Girl Was Selling Lemonade But Council Officers Closed Down Her Shop And Fined Her £150

The 5-year-old girl burst into tears after the council officers closed down her lemonade shop and even fined her £150 for selling without a permit. She had set up the stall in Mile End, east London. She was selling the lemonade to the people who were making their way towards Lovebox festival.

5 year old girl selling lemonade and was fined
Source: Daily Mail

According to The Sun, her father, Professor Spicer said: “People were so happy, they thought she was so cute and called her a ‘little grafter. It’s not like she was trying to make a massive profit, this is just a five-year-old kid trying to sell lemonade. She started screaming and crying. She sobbed all the way home and was telling me: “Dad, I’ve done a bad thing.””

5 year old girl was fined by council officers
Source: Daily Mail

Spencer further added: “When you’re five you think an authority figure is always right. She was very upset because she was proud of selling it and this really soured the experience.”

He himself is a business professor at the University of London. Therefore he already knows that this kind of business needs some permit but according to him, a 5-year-old girl wasn’t exactly a public safety hazard.

Tower Hamlet, the council, said in a statement that they are really sorry about the incident. The fine will be cancelled and they will be contacting Professor Spicer and her daughter to an apology.


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