50 Cent shows loyalty and support for Eminem


Between Eminem and 50 cent, it’s life to death. While Slim Shady is at the heart of a small controversy between him and another of US rap legend, Snoop Dogg, Fifty has reaffirmed his unwavering loyalty through an Instagram post to pay him tribute .  

For 50 percent everything is fine. MC New – York continues to develop his career and his business while continuing to admire the Rap Game precursor Gansta Rap it. Always a foot in the clashes, it is this time to pay tribute to his friend that he unsheathed his phone to post a tweet.

“You’re never going to believe me but 18 years ago, I took out a sound that I had recorded in Los Angeles and still running at 1 . 000 rotations per week on Radio . I tell that I Eminem loves him for everything he’s done for me, he’s the one who got me started. “ explains the rapper in his Instagram post. He is referring here to his hit In Da Club , the “banger” of all “bangers”. The clip of the piece has also just exceeded the symbolic bar of one billion views on YouTube .

In this message, the MC New – York does not refer directly to clash raging now between Eminem and Snoop Dogg. But the cold that this fight of titans throws on the music industry leaves no one indifferent, and certainly not 50. Without taking a position, he still took advantage of this message to remind the public to what extent Eminem is a monument of US Rap. Let me tell you that without the white – bec of Detroit, you would surely never have danced on In Da Club !