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People Are Going Crazy For This Gorgeous 50 Years Old Mom Pushpa Devi, See Viral Pictures!

We only heard that so far that age is just a number today we saw it! This 50 years old Indonesian proved that. We are talking about Mama Hadi or popularly known as Pushpa Devi on the internet. Mama Hadi shocked the internet with her ever-so youthful looks. Don’t believe? See her photo below!

She belongs to Indonesia and is a mother of two graduates. Her son, Dennis Hadi posted a picture of himself with Puspa holding a cake that had a huge ’50’ candle on it. This photo went viral in no time and made Pushpa a star. In the caption, he wrote,

“To my wonder woman: Happy Birthday Mom, thank you for giving your very best being a great mother. Stay pretty and awesome! Love you always! #mamahadi #hadigenetics”

Obviously, people just could not believe how the gorgeous woman could possibly be half a century old. Many thought she was still in her 20s or 30s. Puspa has two sons Dennis, her first child and Alex Daniel Hadi, her younger son. The two young men have shared pictures of themselves with their stunning mother various times before.

The secret behind Mama Hadi’s beauty is she works out every day and takes a well-nutrition diet.

See her more gorgeous photos:

Mama Hadi with husband and sons







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