58-Year-Old Poster Of ‘The Omicron Variant’ Movie Goes Viral On Internet

The Omicron Variant movie

Corona’s new variant Omicron has created an atmosphere of panic all over the world. Various news related to this are coming on social media. Now filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has shared such a poster which can make your head dizzy. He has also given an intimidating caption along with the poster. It is written that this film has arrived in 1963 itself. Movie posters are discussed. This has been shared by many more people as well. However, what is seen in the poster is not the whole truth. Read the whole matter here.

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is often in the news for his tweets. Once again he has done the same. He has shared a poster amid the news of the outbreak of a new variant of Corona. With this the caption is written, Believe it or faint… This film came in 1963, just check the tag line. 

The tag line of the poster is horror

The tag line of the poster is the day the earth became a graveyard. The Omicron variant. Many people have commented on this post of Ram Gopal Varma. A user posted a tweet in response. Along with it is written, stop believing the messages of WhatsApp University. In this tweet, a person has written that he has photoshopped the posters of many 70s science fiction films to make The Omicron variant. There is also a poster of Ram Gopal Varma in that post. Many people have called this poster of Ram Gopal Varma as fake. 

The Omicron Variant movie

If you check on IMDb , you will not see ‘Omicron variant’ but only ‘Omicron’. This comedy is science-fiction. In this, an alien comes to learn the things of the earth by taking the form of a human so that his species can capture this planet. In 2013 also a film has come which was titled ‘The Visiter From Planet Omicron’. Omicron is the Greek alphabet, it has been used in many places in the past.