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If Partners Don’t Have a Physical Relationship in a Marriage They Can Take Divorce, 6 Basic Rights Every Indian Should Know

Even after the marriage if the partners are unable to make a physical relationship then the divorce can be taken on the basis of it. If a husband inadvertently, leaves his wife for two years, then the woman has the right to divorce. At the same time, the wife will get a maintenance from her ex-husband till she married the other. If a man changes religion against the will of the wife, then even in that situation, the woman has the right to divorce.

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Similarly, if a husband is torturing his wife physically or mentally, the woman has the right to divorce. Today we are going to tell some basic rights that every Indian should know. 

1) Not making a physical relationship even after getting married comes under mental torture category. Hence, it is a valid reason for taking divorce.

2) Obscene activity in the public place is not allowed. Under IPC section 294 it is a PDA (Public Display of Affection) offense.

3) MRP is a Maximum Retail Price. As a consumer, you can bargain on that too. On the other hand, a seller can’t charge money beyond MRP.

4) If someone has signed a contract with you and breached it then you can register a complaint against them anytime within 3 years.

5) According to Income Tax Act 1961, in case of tax violation TRO (Tax Recovery Officer) can arrest the offender.

6) No one can charge a penalty for non-motor vehicles like bicycle and rickshaw. As they don’t come under the Motor Vehicle Act.

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