Best Summer Hairstyles 2015 : Fashion Tips

How do men’s hairstyles change for summer? Well, you can head to the barber and go short. Or if you like your hair as it is, check out these cool hairstyles for summer 2015. These fresh styles are cool and casual for fun.

1. Brushed up

Image source : dailysoo
The brushed up hairstyle looks great but requires careful maintenance. To achieve this style you need to know your way around hair brushes, blow dryers and how to give your hair more “bounce”.

2. Side sweep

Medium-Mens-Hairstyles-WavyImage Source : Menshairstyletrends
Say hello to the side swipe, a classic men’s hairstyle updated for 2015. Try it out!!

3. Lengthy

135a66633a76c424510f949c9372c911Image source :Hairstyleonpoint
Go for this hairstyle if you want to keep your long hair. But it requires time and proper styling techniques.

4. modern slick

david-beckham-slick-back-hairstyleimage source
Pictured is a classic slick back style with a side part. The hair has been combed back at an angle and styled carefully.

5. College Boy
ab0aaa6ab268be6c983895639fa14481Image source :hairstyleonpoint
Another style for long hair that is cool and classy. This will go very well for a party look. If you have a young looking face, you can rock this hairstyle.
6. Short Hair

A model walks the runway at the Custo Barcelona Fall 2007 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz fashion Week at The Promenade in Bryant Park February 8, 2007 in New York City.Image source
Opting to cut hair short is the easiest way to manage hair for summer. Instead of an allover buzz, leave some length on top to style into textured spikes. Best Summer Hairstyles 2015 .


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