6 Bollywood Beauties Who Went to Jail For Serious Crimes


While Bollywood darlings often get free passes for bad behavior, occasionally, even actors get arrested, convicted, and punished for their wrong-doings just like the rest of us. This is a list of Bollywood star divas who went to jail for crimes they definitely did commit.

1) Monica Bedi

When she sentenced to jail, it became the much-hyped topic of the nation. She was the ex-girlfriend of underworld don Abu Salem. She sent to jail for forgery charges after she and Abu got arrested in Portugal.

2) Mamta Kulkarni

She sent to jail as one of the accused involved in supplying drugs to an international drug racket and gangster, intended for trafficking. 

3) Sonali Bendre

She was arrested for posing inappropriately for a magazine cover, therefore, accused of hurting religious sentiments of some people. However, her span in jail was too short, she too got quick bail.

4) Madhubala

The gorgeous actress from 90s was taken into custody when BR Chopra failed a case against her which stated that Madhubala had taken fore signing amount for a movie but she later refused to do the film without returning the money.

5) Tabu

Tabu The same black buck case in which Salman Khan and Saif Ali Khan have been listed under, Tabu too has been charged for accompanying the troupe during the killing of the blackbuck deer.

6) Shweta Prasad Basu

The national-award winner, cute and bubbly girl who won everyone’s heart with her performance in 2002 film ‘Makdee’ was arrested for being involved in a prostitution racket. Hence she sent to the jail.