6 Reasons Being The Older Sibling Is The Coolest Thing In The...

6 Reasons Being The Older Sibling Is The Coolest Thing In The Whole World

When you know that you are the Boss or queen of your house when parents go to shopping, attend a wedding, to aunt’s house,  it’s pretty cool to be the Boss and not follow rules for a change !  But this is cool only for the elder one’s not for the younger ones. After mom is gone out shopping, Now they have to follow your rules !  Elder sisters or brothers have more benefits, as they are born first they get it first.

They Are More Responsible

Younger siblings usually make mistakes so the elder sister or brother always have to be responsible for their acts. Not just for themselves but also for the mistakes their sibling makes.

more responsible elder siblings
Credit : Emlii

More Experienced

As the elder  one, you get to experience every life experience first. From getting your wisdom tooth to getting a licence. And you can guide your younger siblings for their experience as well, you feel great to be able to guide them.

Handle Accounts !

As an elder child  of your parents, you not only get to be an important member of all the decisions about your house,  what kind of curtains to buy ? or how much money will be spent on shopping this month ! But you also are aware of your family financial status and sometimes you can be the accountant yourself too.

More Intelligent ! Yeah obviously

As an elder brother or sister you give tuitions to your younger siblings and that makes you more intelligent than them !  As you get to receive more information and that too twice.

elder siblings are smarter
Credit : Bandt

You Don’t Have to hear every time ” learn something from your sister or brother ”

You are the example that your parent’s give to their younger child. So, you have been by birth spared by this comparison which parent’s always makes.

lectures by parents

You get to be The Cool brother or Sister

You get to be the cool sister or brother in front of your younger siblings friend. And to make orders as well like ” Come fast mom is waiting ” or  ” bring milk from the shop “, Always and they have to listen to you ! No matter what.

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