TikTok Star “Siya Kakkar” Commits SUICIDE After Sushant Singh Rajput

The process of death of stars is not stopping at all. Now, 16-year-old TikTok star Siya Kakkar committed suicide after the death...
High Life 6 Secret Things Of Men Which They Never Reveal To Their Lady

6 Secret Things Of Men Which They Never Reveal To Their Lady

1)Men Need Moments Of Doing Nothing

Yeah! just like everyone, men also want to relax. They need some time for themselves and want to spend some moments of peace. Sometimes it seems childish but it’s normal because everyone wants to be free in this workaholic era.

2)Men Don’t Notice Trifles

Women mostly note the little details. But men usually don’t care about those little things such as the colour of their socks and colour of curtains. There are many more little things which do not matter to them.

3)Nonsensical Thoughts Are The Great Rest For Mind

This is quite funny but there is an interesting fact behind that. Actually nonsensical thoughts are the best source of rest for the mind. it reduces stress also.

4)Men Have Fears Too

Don’t behave like stereotypes that men should be like this, like that actually they also human beings. It’s quite normal if they have fears. But they hide their fears because today’s society made their image as they are made up to do macho things and have to be fearless. But it should not be like that we all have some ears there is nothing unusual if men too have fears.

5)Men Appraise Every Passing Woman

Ohhh! this is quite hurting for ladies. But ladies don’t get hurt because it is the law of nature. They always look to another ladies, but it doesn’t mean that your man is not loyal towards you. They always try to find the best mom for their kids, if you are with them it means that you are the best lady for them.

6)They Appreciate support

No doubt men are strong and good at handling stress but it doesn’t mean that they do not need support. Men are sweet and emotional from inside and they need your support. Always support your man in his hard time, he will surely appreciate your support for him.

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