News Technology Shocking Facts About Mobile Phones Which You'd Definitely Love To Read

Shocking Facts About Mobile Phones Which You’d Definitely Love To Read

In the world of social media and modernization, a person uses a calculator in his dreams only. Mobile phones have really made the life of us humans very easy. Have you ever thought about how will we live without mobile phones? Never!!! Well, that’s because we all know that we are addicted to our mobiles that much that now we just can’t stop using them. So don’t worry if you won’t get to know the answer to this question but have a look at these wonderful facts about mobile phones which no one ever knew:

1. A single mobile phone has 10 times more bacteria than our toilet seat.facts about mobile phones

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2. Mobile phones are the biggest cause of deaths due to road accidents.

facts about mobile phones

3. Scientists have even found a way to charge a mobile phone through urine.

facts about mobile phones

4. Because youngsters in China are also busy texting on their phones in a shower, 90% of the mobiles in China are waterproof.

facts about mobile phones

5. On an average, an individual unlocks his phone daily around 110 times.

facts about mobile phones

6. Throwing mobile phones is an official sport in Finland.

facts about mobile phones

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