Kartik Aaryan Signs Three Film With Eros Worth Rs 75 Crores

Top banner Eros has locked Pyar Ka Punchnama actor Kartik Aaryan for three films, paying Rs 25 crore for each.
High Life 6 Snazzy Ways To Style Those Thick Locks

6 Snazzy Ways To Style Those Thick Locks

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Thick Hair are never easy to style especially when you’re running low on patience as well as time. We know what it feels like to have a head full of thick hair which are as bratty and just won’t go by your instructions but not anymore! These quick and snazzy hairdos will get your contemporaries envying your hair!

1. The Acorn bun 


It is the latest celebrity style thats got everyone talking! From Kardashian sisters to Alia Bhatt the bun is making headlines from the world over! The best part is that its usper easy and takes only 5 minutes. Part your hair into parts and lift up the upper hair into a bun atop your head using some bobby pins or a rubber band. And feel free to do whatever suits yourself with the other half.

2. Ballerina Bun


This bun practically works everywhere! From office to cocktail parties. Just brush your hair neatly back and secure the front with a thin headband. Make a ponytail with the hair and twist your hair up into a bun and secure with bobby pins. You can also puff up your hair slightly at the crown.

3. Side swept hair 


The side swept hair braid is bound to make heads turn. This is one look straight out of the fairytale. Loosely sweep your hair to one side and make a loose messy braid secured with some bobby pins. This look is best to attend a wedding and is a perfect match for your lush thick hair.

4. Hair bow Bun


This is a great funky disney inspired look! The bun looks smashing paired with a cute short floral dress and it takes just about 5 minutes for the updo. Just pull up all your hair atop your head holding it with one hand. With the other hand bring the ends of your hair on the top and over the first hand creating a lopp. Divide this loop down in the middle and tuck your ends over the middle using bobby pins. Watch the tutorial here.

5. Milkmaid Braid Bun


This is a gorgeous runway inspired hairstyle. You can wear it to parties and dates and look stunning! Create a side parting and make two ponytails on either side. Leave out a tiny bit of hair on each side – we will use this to cover up the rubber bands. Start braiding each pony. Gently tug at your braids to loosen them and wrap those loose strands around your hair tie to conceal it. Wrap the braids across your head in the front, over to the other side and secure them in place using bobby pins at the base and at the ends. Remember to tuck in any loose ends under the braid for a polished look.

6. Tease the puff


For lazy days and when you wanna let your hair down literally you can use this simple hairdo. All you gotto do is tease your hair at the crown and lift up some hair from both the sides into a aponytail secured with a hair-tie. Leave some strands lose to cover up the hair tie and onto the sides of your face.

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