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6 Things That You All Should Know About Vagina




Dear girls, you all know your vagina is genuinely noteworthy. This stunning body part can realise extraordinary delight, irritating misery, and significantly another little individual. To put it plainly, it’s pretty striking. That is the reason we believe it’s crucial to remain focused of everything going ahead unfair. Here, we are up with some of the facts/ things about Vagina that you apparently are unaware about.

Why do Women Pee After Sex ??

As you all are aware of the fact that the vagina is very much close to the anus. Likewise, at the times of sexual intercourse, the chances of the transfer of fecal bacteria from anus to the women’s urethra are very much high. Women have comparatively shorter urethras and because of this, it causes inflammation and also results in the damage of tissues. Peeing directly after sex can prevent the spread of fecal microbes to the bladder and, there for UTIs ( urinary tract infection ).

why do women pee after sex?

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