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6 Things You Need To Delete From Your Facebook Account, According To The Hackers

Facebook, not just a social networking site but a way of living. It connects earthlings into one network (more closely, more affectionately and more quickly). Facebook’s privacy policy is also high tech. It promises to protect our accounts from unwanted bugs and humans. But an anonymous hacker on Monday said that they would easily be able to use the information people post in an ‘Ask me 10 things’. Interestingly, many people include hints of their passwords in this information.

things you need to delete from your facebook account
Source: Bit.ua

According to the Indy100, here are the 6 things you might want to delete from your Facebook page:

1. Phone Number

No one knows what a stalker will do if he or she gets your phone number.

2. Birthday

Birthday also includes your name and address, with which people can more easily access your bank account and personal details.

3. Location services

In 2015 Tech Crunch reported that more Than Half A Billion People Access Facebook Solely From Mobile.

4. Your relationship status

It is really not a good idea. Look, people on facebook does not give a damn about your relationship status but one thing they do is a feeling of jealousy or revenge (your ex).

5. Boarding pass pictures

The barcode on your boarding pass is unique to you and can be used to find the information you gave to the flight company.

facebook privacy
Source: International Business Times

6. Unwanted friends

According to the Oxford psychology professor Robin Dunbar, humans can maintain approximately 150 stable relationships. So having a long facebook friends list does not make you dude or babe.

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