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News The Pain This Little 6-Years-Old Girl Felt Is Beyond Words, She May...

The Pain This Little 6-Years-Old Girl Felt Is Beyond Words, She May Now Regret Being A Girl

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In a heart-wrenching news from California, an elderly man allegedly attempts to trap a six-years-old girl for sexual pleasure. He tried to lure her into the toilet by promising her a treat. His name is Theodore¬†Childers, he is a 78-years-old man. He was waiting outside the men’s toilets in a Food4Less supermarket in Riverside, California when the little girl approached.

He tried to trapped her by offering her a treat in order to see if she would accompany him. well with the help of CCTV camera he got caught and has been arrested now and booked into Robert Presley Detention Center for annoying or molesting a girl. 

From the CCTV footage, one can clearly see the suspect having gray hair, wearing a dark-colored T-shirt with white lettering. According to the reports given by police, Childers was caught when information from the public suggested that he might frequent a nearby gym.

Employees at the fitness centre were shown the CCTV footage and were asked to call police if they spotted a man matching the description. around at 7 a.m an employee of the gym called the police to report a positive identity. Officers arrived and detained the suspect before he was taking to the police station for questioning.

Childers, from Simi Valley, has now been charged with ‘annoying or molesting a child’. talking about the little 6-years-old girl, she is not mature enough to understand what exactly has happened to her. But we can’t deny the pain or trauma she had felt. What answer her parents would give her when she would ask that why it was supposed to happen with her. Is being a girl her fault? No, but such morons are ruining our world and making it an unsafe place to live in. So please, don’t be a one!



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