6 Years Old Kid Does 3,270 Push Ups In Two Hours And Wins an Apartment For Family

6 years old boy named Ibrahim Lyanov, from Novy Redant, Russia is grabbing all the attention on social media. Just think about what had we achieved when we were 6? Not even able to buy a lollypop, right! But this boy purchased an apartment for his family! Yes, it is no joke and you read it right!

Here is a story that can surprise you. Ibrahim Lyanov who is just 6 years old completed 3,270 press-ups in two hours and won an apartment as a prize for his family. Here’s a viral video:

The video shows Ibrahim doing his push-ups. By doing so he broke the previous record and made a new one in the Russian Book of Records. Apart from this, he likewise set another precedent for the most press-ups in one ceaseless endeavour. The legend completed a sum of 4,445.

A neighbourhood sports club called Chingiz gave the boy a loft where he prepared for the press-ups every day. Chingiz has also given a new apartment for his family as an award.

The press service of Ingushetia’s Ministry of Sports told reporters, “Ibrahim Lyanov has broken two records, he has already done more push-ups than Rakhim Kuriyev – more than 3,202 pushups – and the speed record, it took him less than two hours to achieve that. Currently, he has done more than 4,000 push-ups and keeps going.”