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65 Years Old Woman is Living in a Public Toilet For 19 Years, Internet Slams Government




This will be surprising for most of us after knowing that a woman from Tamil Nadu’s Madurai has been living in a public toilet in Ramnad for past 19 years, and earning her livelihood by cleaning the toilets and charging a meager amount from public for using it.

She is 65 years old and has been earning by cleaning the toilets where she also lives. Karuppayi only charges a basic amount from the users with the daily wages of 70-80. She also applied for the senior citizenship that Indian government gives but never get it. Despite visiting the Collector’s office several times, but no one turned up.

She says “I don’t have any other source of income. So I live here in this public toilet. I earn 70-80 per day. I’ve one daughter who never visits me.“

After learning about this woman, the internet is going mad. Social media users get raged over the worst living conditions Karuppayi is staying in.


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