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This 6yr Old Heart Patient Wrote To PM Modi And This Is What She Got In Return

Vaishali Yadav, a 6yr old girl wrote to PM Modi, asking for financial help as the girl was suffering from a serious heart disease. Modi was sympathetic towards the girl, therefore, he granted her some help and guess what is the condition of Vaishali now?

You’ll be glad to know that she underwent the treatment and surgery and now is recovering.

Vaishally Yadav, the girl who wrote to PM modi

Vaishali belonged to a poor family who didn’t have enough income for her treatment. Her father is a small painter who even sold her toys and bicycle for the medicines. Although he didn’t have enough money for Vaishali’s treatment, he had the hope for a miracle to come and save the girl, which fortunately did come in the form of PM Modi.

Vaishali is a 2nd gradeĀ student who couldn’t see the sadness of her father, therefore, decided to write to Narendra Modi.

“I saw my kaka sitting sadly after being rejected by many hospitals. Just then, Modi appeared on the television screen. I brought out a pen and paper and said I want to write to the PM about my condition, so that my operation can be done for free. And, surprisingly, my kaka agreed. I tore a page from my notebook and wrote everything to Modi, right from my heart condition to being extremely poor,” theseĀ are the words of Vaishali, the little girl who revived the country’s faith into its constitution.

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