Everyone has experienced these moments once in their life. Check the most awkward situations you face atleast once in your life:

1. Standing with a stranger in an elevator

The awkwardness gets so much to you that you get out on the next floor and walk up 20 stories to the actual floor you need to be on.

2. Dancing alone in your room as if a ghost got into you and someone enters

OOPS!! You forgot to lock your door and now it is painfully embarrasing. You want to cry and bury yourself in shame.

3. You are watching a movie with your parents and BAM comes a long, sultry sex scene.

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Everyone has experienced this situation. No matter how cool your parents are, it is always going to be awkward. You don’t want them to know you know all that stuff. *ssshhh*

4. Being left alone with a friend of friend that you don’t really know.

You could start up a conversation to know them. But in most cases you either pass that awkward smile and keep staring at the walls or you just run away.

5. Accidently meeting a colleague in a bar, all drunk.


You just said yesterday that you are a religious person and there you are!! You are not even able to greet them and end up ignoring them. You can never look at them in the eye again.

6. Waving to someone you don’t know

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One should just move one. But what do you do? You pretend as if there is another friend whom you are waving at and keep waving furiously to confirm you are waving to someone else.

7. Wear your awesome new jacket. You see another girl wearing that.

Indian Bollywood film actrss Deepika Padukone poses during the launch of the 'NDTV Fortis Health4U' nationwide Campaign in Mumbai on September 12, 2014. AFP PHOTO        (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)
Come on, girls! You got to agree with me on this. Girls do not like wearing similar clothes. Boys wearing same clothes may end up being best buddies. But its a big NO NO for girls.

Brb i am never leaving the house again!!


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