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7 Body Parts You Should Never Touch, Here Are The Surprising Reasons Why!

One must have a complete and accurate information about our body. There are some body parts of our body that we should pay attention to but not with our hands. Let’s know about these 7 body parts.

1) Face:

You will be surprised to know but repeatedly touching the face becomes a cause for Pimples. Our hands are the source to bring germs on the face. They cause many types of infections and skin diseases.

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2) Butts:

Anal area is super-sensitive, the bacteria in it can spread through your hands. These bacteria can be harmful and may cause infections.

3) The skin under nails:

The skin inside the nails is extremely fragile. Touching it can cause fungus infection. This brings many germs to your nails also.

4) Eyes:

Most of the time, the eye infection is caused by touching them continuously with hands. So if your eyes are itching, then use an eye-drop instead of scrubbing them with hands.

5) Ear Canal:

Many people have a habit of putting their fingers in the ear. People often do this after bathing. This can lead to ear canal damage.

6) Nose:

You might be thinking that how to clean nose if you do not have to touch the nose? The right way is to use sanitize handkerchief. Studies say that those who always put their fingers in the nose get sick quickly.

7) Mouth:

Even if your hands are clean you should avoid them putting in your mouth. It is the direct invitation to the harmful germs. These can make you sick.

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