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7 Boldest Indian Movies On Netflix That Never Aired On Television

It is a world of internet! Gone are the days when people used to stick with the TV and wait for their favorite program to come. Now with just one click you can watch your favorite thing anytime or anywhere. Netflix is the most popular media-services provider that provides thriller, sensuous and comic shows.

It also lets you watch those that never got aired on TV due to intense nudity content. Today we will tell you about 7 boldest Indian movies that never aired on Television but you can watch them on Netflix. These films are banned in India but are critically acclaimed worldwide.

1) Angry Indian Goddesses

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Release: 2015

The first film to describe female friendship and raises Indian issues like gender inequality, women as objectified sex objects, gay-straight friendships, big business vs. tribal rights, rape problem, caste differences, skin-colour prejudice and lax justice.

2) Rang Rasiya

Release: 2008

It is a erotic drama film is about an 19th century artist Raja Ravi Varma. The film includes bold scenes that is why it got banned by CBFC.

3) Brahman Naman

Release: 2016

The sexual repression portrayed in the movie is a very realistic scenario that most people growing up in India may have experienced.

4) Lust Stories

Release: 2018

From vibrators to orgasms this web series explores sexual desire from a female’s perspective. The masturbation scene of the series performed by Kiara Advani grabbed the headlines.

5) The Pink Mirror

Release: 2003

This film was a brave foray into the life of transsexuals, but CBFC could not handle the blunt and much-needed portrayal of transsexuality and decided to ban it.

6) The Painted House

Release: 2015

The story between a lonely old writer and a seductive young woman and a mysterious man. It showcased female nudity on screen, the reason why it got banned in India.

7) Un-Freedom

Release: 2015

The film shows two women in love with each other. It is banned in India due to its explicit lovemaking scenes between homosexual people.

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