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Trending 7 Confusing Photos That Got Banned From Facebook

7 Confusing Photos That Got Banned From Facebook

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Facebook is not only a platform to connect people. People post about their own lives, following the lives of others via their Facebook newsfeed. Largely this is made possible by people sharing photos of their life experiences, but sometimes those photos get banned. Here is a list of such photos that got banned from Facebook. With some of these pictures, it is obvious why they were taken down.

1) Wet, Soapy Elbows

Just clearly see this picture! You will get confused elbow for boobs. Therefore, this optical illusion also confused Facebook and it banned this photo!

2) Scandalous Elbow Exposure

Again Facebook confused an elbow for a breast!

3) Kylie Minogue Gone Teddy Bear Wild

This time Facebook disarrayed microphone and penis.

4) Censorship Kiss of Death

5) Portrayals of the Virgin Mary Breastfeeding

6) Facebook Taking a Stand Against Photoshop

Facebook took down the photo of a bikini-clad woman in half with photoshop.

7) Facebook’s Feeding Frenzy

Facebook got confused by this photo which seemed a mother is breastfeeding but she simply holding her baby.





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