Movie Villains

We see them as bad or sometimes evil, but we forget that they are also people who use cosplay or makeup to get into their roles. Today we will know about such actors who did the same thing so let’s start:

Sofia Boutella (Mummy)

Sofia Boutella Mummy

The 39-year-old Algerian actress toured with Madonna and Rihanna as a backup dancer before landing the role that launched her breakthrough into the film world. The woman is known for her work in the films Star Trek: Infinity, 2016, Street Dancing 2, 2012, Fahrenheit 451, 2018. In The Mummy in 2017, she played the pharaoh’s daughter, Princess Amonet, who sold the soul of the Egyptian god Seth. Her tomb, hidden in the desert, is found by soldier Nick Morton (Tom Cruise), inadvertently resurrecting a monster who wants to take back what is rightfully hers.

Bill Skarsgard (It)

Bill Skarsgard (It)

The Swedish actor has brought a whole new level of flamboyance to the character. He perfectly merged into the image of the clown Pennywise in the 2017 film It, adapted from the Stephen King mega-hit. The actor starred in the role of a character who is the embodiment of an ancient evil that awakens every few years, feeding on children’s souls and their fears. As Bill himself admits, the clown turned out to be so scary that his colleagues were not only intrigued but also strongly impressed by his image. Many children who played in a horror movie, when they saw him, before the start of the filming process, tried to bypass the frightening clown.

Ken Kirzinger (Freddy vs. Jason)

Ken Kirzinger (Freddy vs. Jason)

Ken played American football at the Canadian University of British Columbia as a young man, but after a severe knee injury, he decided to take up stunt work. He was noticed by the directors, for the first time wearing the famous mask of the cult maniac Jason Voorhees. This happened in the 1989 film Friday the 13th: Jason Storms Manhattan, where he acted as an understudy. Later, he appeared as one of the victims and then starred in the popular part of “Freddy vs. Jason” in 2003.

Takako Fuji (The Curse)

Takashi Shimizu (Japanese director of the original Ju-on horror), agreed to helm the Americanized remake. He was joined by Takako Fujii, the woman behind Kayako Saeki’s ghost image. According to the story, the restless spirit of Kayako takes revenge on everyone who dares to visit the cursed house. Takako played in several series of “Curse” tapes. Who would have thought that behind such a chilling appearance, there is a smiling and pretty girl doing voice acting in anime?

Bonnie Morgan (Calls)

A girl who grew up in a family of circus performers is in great demand in many films. Thanks to her acrobatic skills and incredible plasticity, she rose to fame as Rosalita in 2012’s Possessed, playing a grandmother in 2016’s Mobile Phone Devil, and Samara in 2016’s Calls. The scriptwriters wanted to correct the image of Samara with the help of computer graphics and special effects. It didn’t have to be done. The professional acrobat said the reality looks much cooler, calling her signature leg tricks the Spider Walk.

Paul T Taylor (Hellraiser: Judgment)

He didn’t have any lines, but Paul was still excited about his big-screen debut in Robert Rodriguez’s 2005 neo-noir classic Sin City. Other cameo roles followed, but Taylor was forced to put his career on hold after being diagnosed with hepatitis C. His recovery was aided by treatment and a role in the 2018 horror film Hellraiser: Judgment, where he portrayed Cenobite Chief Engineer who was reborn from a human into a demonic being. The actor admitted that he loves horror, especially the Dark Prince of Pain.

Jonathan Breck (Jeepers Creepers)

The man began his acting career in theatrical productions in the United States. He achieved his greatest success in a series of films about a demonic monster that wakes up every 23 years and is looking for people to take from them suitable parts for his body. According to the actor involved in the Jeepers Creepers films, the biggest difficulty was to endure makeup, which took up to 5 hours. He also claimed that he merged with the image, because he felt very comfortable with the suit, like his second skin.