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High Life 7 Diseases You Can Get By Kissing

7 Diseases You Can Get By Kissing

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The risk of getting a disease never comes to our mind when we think of kissing a person. A kiss is a display of love and affection and we seldom associate it with contracting health diseases. This is because the present ideology only beware us of having sex with someone we don’t know the medical history of.

There is need of similar knowledge even when we go for kissing. Because following health conditions could follow a kiss with an unhealthy person.

1. Influenza

7 Diseases You Can Get By Kissing

Influenza can be transmitted through an infected person. This happens when one get in contact with mucus or saliva of the infected person. Such a contact can occur by three ways: sneezing, coughing or kissing. Symptoms include muscle ache, headache, sore throat and fever.

2. Herpes

7 Diseases You Can Get By Kissing

Herpes can be transmitted through kissing and can end up giving you cold sores in and around your mouth.

3. Syphilis

7 Diseases You Can Get By Kissing

This is another disease which can be transmitted by physical contact, such as kissing and sexual activities. Syphilis can give you sores in your mouth. But this is an infection which can be controlled by antibiotics.

4. Meningitis

7 Diseases You Can Get By Kissing

Bacterial meningitis usually spreads through kissing. Symptoms of this disease include stiff neck, fever and headache.

5. Respiratory viruses

7 Diseases You Can Get By Kissing

This refers to cold, flu and measles. This can infect your body if you just share person’s belongings or same room. But the probability of getting this virus increases after you kiss.

6. Gum diseases

7 Diseases You Can Get By Kissing

Even though gum diseases do not spread by kissing but the bacteria that causes that disease can. Therefore, flossing and brushing are the best buds.

7. Tooth decay

7 Diseases You Can Get By Kissing

Caused by a bacterium streptococcus mutan, the chance of spread of tooth decay increases after kissing.

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