7 Home Remedies For Tattoo Removal


You can use home remedies to remove tattoos at home. Laser treatment, dermabrasion and surgery are the 2 most important and effective methods of removing tattoos but they are also very expensive.

Today, tattooing has become an art and is considered a sign of being cool. By the way, the fashion of making Tattoo is very old in the world. You must have seen the name of husband, name of God, flowers etc. made in the hands of grandmothers. People used to make Tattoo in the fairs held during festivals.

7 Tricks To Remove Tattoo At Home

1) Salt and lemon juice –

Apply a mixture of salt and lemon to remove the tattoo. Make a thick paste by mixing lemon juice in about 100 grams of salt (6 teaspoons). Now apply a piece of cotton in this mixture and keep it on Tattoo for 30-40 minutes.

After this, wash the tattooed area with warm water. In some people, this experiment can cause scars, which disappear after some time.

2) Mix of salt, honey, curd and aloe vera –

A good solution to remove small and light colored tattoos. To remove tattoos, mix 2 teaspoons of aloe vera pulp, 2 teaspoons salt, 2 teaspoons honey, 2 teaspoons curd in a bowl. Apply this mixture on the tattoo and leave it for 30 minutes. After that wash it with warm water.

3) Make tattoo removal cream at home

You can make this tattoo removal cream at home. This will require Aloe Vera Gel, Vitamin E capsules, sulfonamide leaf pulp (Paederia Tomentosa leaves). This is a good way to remove new tattoos.

Open 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel, 2 vitamin E capsules and mix it with oil, make a paste by mixing 1 teaspoon gandhaprasarini leaf pulp. Apply it on Tattoo and leave it for 10 minutes. Then wash it with warm water. Apply this paste 4 times a day for 1-2 weeks.

4) Lavender oil for tattoo removal

Lavender oil is also a good solution to remove tattoos. This remedy gives good results in a short time. This oil is also safe to apply on the skin. Lavender Oil Apart from tattoo removal also reduces skin redness, acne, sunburn, bruises and blemishes.

How to apply lavender oil – buy Lavender essential oil. Apply this oil in a piece of cotton and rub it gently on the tattoo. Apply this tattoo twice a day in the morning, evening. This is a pervasive method that gradually wears out the Tattoo gradually without pain and problem.

5) Rubbing with salt

Take a piece of sponge soaked in water. Now gently rub the tattoo by applying salt in a piece of sponge. Keep rubbing until the area becomes very red.

There is a little pain in the beginning of this process, but due to salt, the place of Tattoo becomes lightly numb and the pain becomes mild. After rubbing salt, apply an anti-biotic cream on the skin of the tattoo and tie it and leave it for 3 days.

After this, the upper layer of the skin will start coming out and the Tattoo will start getting lighter. After 45-60 days you can repeat this process again. Take care not to rub the Tattoo too fast and apply Antibiotic Cream, so that there are no infections.

6) Honey and Lemon

Mix one teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon lemon juice and apply it on the tattooed area daily. Lemon acts as a bleaching agent and honey lightens skin scars. With this remedy, the tattoo marks become very light.

7) Apple Cider Vinegar

For this, first you put salt water on the tattoo and rub it with fine sand paper. With this, Apple Cider Vinegar will be well absorbed into the skin.

Now immerse apple vinegar in a piece of cotton and apply it well on the tattoo and keep it pressed for a while. With regular measures, many people have felt the benefit of tattoo removal.

In addition to these remedies, using chemicals such as Hydrogen peroxide, Salicylic acid can lighten Tattoo’s marks, but use them wisely. Before applying them, rub the tattoo slightly with salt and water.

Try these easy home remedies patiently for a few days. The measures in which the way to rub the skin is to do it slowly, haste can cause a wound in the skin.


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