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High Life 7 Horrible and Bizarre Traditions in The World That Will Leave You...

7 Horrible and Bizarre Traditions in The World That Will Leave You Shocked!

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“You got your rules and your religion all designed to keep you safe, But when rules start getting broken you start questioning your faith.” These are the famous lines of a song that really compliments the topic. Each and every religion in the world has its own beliefs and rituals which make it different from the rest. However, there exist some very strange and weird traditions in the world which can’t be justified in any manner or in any way. Here is the list of most bizarre traditions in the world that will leave you in a shock!

1) Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan

This practice is called as Ala-Kachuu. In this bizarre tradition or practice, women are kidnapped to marry forcefully. Although it is illegal in but the law is rarely enforced. The women are kidnapped from their families, college or workplace and ask to write a letter to their families that they will never come back again! 

2) Burial Ritual by Yanomani Tribe in Northern Brazil and Southern Venezuela

Yanomani tribal people follows a very bizarre tradition of sipping a soup made up of ashes of a dead person. They burn the dead body of their relative person then blend the ash in a soup which is then drunk by the family members. They do so because they believe the spirit of the dead person will live this way forever. 

3) Tradition of Keeping The Deceased in The House Until The Time of their Burial in Indonesia

In some parts of Indonesia, it is a common practice to wrap the bodies of their loved ones, until the time of funeral in order to protect the soul from leaving the body until the burial. 

4) Teeth Filing in Indonesia

It is a bizarre and painful tradition in Indonesia followed by women who are going to marry someone. they believe that smooth teeth are a symbol of controlling evil emotions such as anger, greed, jealousy and lust.

5) Fire Walking Tradition in Japan

The Japanese Shinto Buddhist tradition called ‘Hiwatari Shinji’ is a practice of walking over the flaming embers. It is believed by them that fire absorbs their fears, provide them a positive energy and clarity of thoughts. 

6) Tossing Babies From The Height of 50ft in India

There is a tradition of tossing babies from a 50ft high temple and catching them with a cloth in India. This ritual has done by couples who are blessed with a child after a visit to the Sri Santeswar temple.

7) Finger Cutting of Dani Tribe in  New Guinea

This practice is followed by the members of the Dani tribe who cut their fingers to show the pain or grief of losing their loved ones at their funeral. 

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