Bhojpuri actress Anupama Pathak commits suicide in Mumbai

Anupama Pathak has allegedly committed suicide at her residence in Dahisar Mumbai. The 40-year-old actress reportedly committed suicide.
High Life 7 Incredible places to visit during Diwali 2019

7 Incredible places to visit during Diwali 2019

Diwali is one of the auspicious and widely celebrated festivals across India; people welcome this festival by lightening diyas, fireworks, sweets, and gifts. As Diwali is the festival of lights, prepare yourself for magnificent fireworks, to get a high-quality crackers at an affordable price go for where you can purchase different varieties of crackers and enjoy the festival. 

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It’s the time for families to come together, so you can make rangolis, prepare homemade sweets, burst firecrackers, and have a great night. If you’re wondering about how to celebrate this festival, check out these celebration ideas and have a happy Diwali. 

Here’s a list of 7 places in India where you can enjoy Diwali with full glory 


During Diwali, Amritsar will be filled with glittery lights, diyas, and candles everywhere; all the houses shine with multicolored lights. The Golden Temple looks stunning as it illuminates with lights; celebrating Diwali in Amritsar is an excellent choice. 

On the same Diwali night, the Sikh celebrates Bandi Chhor Divas which adds a festive mood to the celebration; the Golden Temple will be draped in lights; you can watch the city bathe in light, and it offers a treat to the eyes. Thousands of Sikhs gather around the temple for the celebration of Diwali; they lit up a lot of oil lamps and candles. 

Diwali At Amritsar


Jaipur is one of the few places where Diwali is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm; you can see a lot of fancy lightings everywhere, including markets, buildings, monuments, and houses. There are numerous places to visit in Jaipur, which are Johri bazar, World Trade Park, Jal Mahal, Gaurav tower, Nahargarh fort, etc. 

Rangoli is an influential art to decorate the house; you can use colored powder, rice, flowers, or even diyas to attract visitors. The view of Jaipur from Nahargarh fort is spectacular, where the entire city dazzles with colorful lights, frills, and colors; there’s a unique mixture of culture and religion in Jaipur. 

Diwali at Jaipur


Kolkata has a unique style of celebrating Diwali; people of this city offer prayers for Goddess kali at this time. The entire city is filled with colorful candles, electric bulbs, and diyas to celebrate the grand festival at midnight. Diwali is associated with the Goddess of wealth, so people around the city worship Laxmi for seeking the blessings of wisdom, wealth, and good luck. 

Kali puja will be famous at Kalighat, Belur Math, and Dakshineswar temple; on Diwali night the entire city will be filled with devotees. You can see and enjoy the amazing fireworks at almost every street corner, the capital of West Bengal glows with lights. 


Firework is the main attraction that illuminates the night sky; on that day, people decorate their homes with clay lamps, diyas, and colorful lights. People wear new clothes, light fireworks, pray for prosperity, and share gifts. You can watch the fireworks display at the skyline and light crackers in the streets. 

Everyone celebrate this festival by creating colorful designs on the ground made up of multi-color powders, flowers, diyas etc. Some of the best places to visit in Mumbai are marine drive and charni road where you can see the spectacular display of fireworks right from rockets to sky lanterns. The glittering arc makes the perfect background, and it will be the treat for your eyes.


Diwali is the grand celebration in the capital city of Delhi in India, the festival of lights is celebrated by lighting up thousands of diyas or small oil lamps in homes. The markets of Delhi look fabulous by decorating the shops with lights; you can experience the Diwali vibes at its best.  

You can host parties with card games or any other fun games to enhance the festive mood on Diwali. India gates, Iskcon temple, Bangla sahib, Kingdom of Dreams, are the best places to go for Diwali at Delhi city. Fireworks at these places are something unique and amazing; you can go around with your friends or family to enjoy the festival. 


Varanasi is the place where a lot of devotees come together and dip in the holy Ganges, on that auspicious day they pray to Goddess Ganga and offer flowers, light clay lamps in the evening. All the temples are beautifully lit by the lamps which absolutely look gorgeous. Each and every corner of the city is brightening up with glowing diyas and fireworks.

As the sky grows darker, the devotees gather at Ghats to light diyas before leaving them on the river to float; this is one of the traditions of Varanasi. The spectacular firework is the most significant visual treat for audiences and visitors; the view is splendid. 


Goa is a wonderful destination to visit during Diwali; people decorate their homes with colorful lanterns, lamps, candles, and diyas. The night of Diwali will be filled with millions of flickering candles and firecrackers.

The people of Goa enjoy this tremendous festival by conducting various competitions; the entire city will come together and participate in the events. On the day of Diwali, everyone wears new clothes, share sweets, and light firecrackers. Exchanging gifts makes the festival more special and memorable; enjoy happy and prosperous Diwali this year. 

Wrapping up

On this Diwali take a vacation with your loved ones to any of the above destinations and have a great memorable experience. Have a safe and happy Diwali!!!

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