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Trending 7 Life-changing Lessons From Lord Krishna That Make Sense Even Today

7 Life-changing Lessons From Lord Krishna That Make Sense Even Today

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Lord Krishna’s life was full of wisdom and teachings that can be implemented even in today’s world and definitely make sense. We all know how Lord Krishna helped the pandava’s during Mahabharat only through his lessons of wisdom.


Today the world and time may have changed to a great extent but his teachings can still help us lead successful and happier lives.

7 life-changing lessons from Lord Krishna’s life that are still applicable in todays world.

Humility: Trees bearing heavy fruits, bend down. Even if you have accomplished great things, always remain humble and serve your fellow-beings with utmost humility.

Live in the present  Past is history; future is mystery. Lord Krishna was a supreme being and knew all about past, present and even the future yet he preached to live each day as it comes.


Dedication We must perform our daily duties in life with utmost dedication and devotion, all while offering the results of our actions to God Himself.

Love Nature and its beings  Love all beings! This was amply demonstrated by Krishna. When you love unconditionally, you will receive love in return. This is the law of nature.

Back to Godhead - Volume 11, Number 05 - 1976

Philosophy of Karma  Lord Krishna preached to serve all with humility and love and not think about the outcomes or consequences. If you do good, You get good in return.

Duties towards friends and family   Ever individual must fulfill the duties called for by the ties of blood and love ungrudgingly, and till the very end.


Spread Smiles and Love through Words and Gestures  Lord Krishna being a subtle communicator always won hearts ever since he was little and played in the vrindavan. He was mischevious yet smart in convincing everyone of his innocence.


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