Behind every pretty face there is a scandal, whether we like it or not. But there’s something common between these scandals and Anushka’s pout, yep guessed it right! They’re fake but blew everyone’s mind for a tad bit till truth found its way.

Sonakshi Sinha


The Shotgun Jr. too came face to face with an ugly mms scandal after a video of her getting intimate with a man surfaced. However, the girl in the video was just her look-alike and the whole chaos was for nothing after all.

Radhika Apte


Twitterati went crazy after a look-alike of Radhika apte posted intimate bathroom selfies online and Radhika Apte got back at everything with rather much sense by tweeting, “You guys! If you are going to get someone to pass off as naked me, she needs to look a lot more like me.”

Preity Zinta


The beauty from hills was scandalised after a clip featuring Preity went viral over the internet and wreaked havoc. Just like all the times before mentioned, it was only preity’s look-alike and some jerk got his hands on it to bring in some cash.

Mallika sherawat 


Even though the bold actress who has never shyed away from doing any bold scenes was also left shocked after a video of her in some x-rated movie was posted online. However, some research brought us to conclude that it was a mexican actress who looked like Mallika.

Isabel Kaif


Even Katrina Kaif’s younger sister Isabel wasn’t spared from these mms leaks. An amateur porn video featuring an actress bearing an uncanny resemblance to Isabel was found online but Katrina being the best ever sissy supported Isabel strongly till she proved that it really wasn’t Isabel in the video.

Aryan Khan


Shahrukh Khan’s eldest became a topic of speculations when a video featuring Aryan Khan getting intimate with a girl. However, after much debate it was proved that the boy was just a spanish-speaking look-alike.

Mona Singh


A video showing Mona Singh walking around in a house naked was leaked online. But after much investigation it was concluded that the video was actually morphed.

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