7 Amazing Indian Instagram Accounts That You Must Follow

Once you cut through the Instagram crowd’s giant selfie obsession, there’s a lot of great posts from Indians out there that can help you plan your vacation or inspire a DIY fashion makeover or even help you plan a weekend dinner in any city. Here are some amazing Indian instagram accounts you need to follow immediately.

1. If you are in Mumbai, and a giant foodie, MuchyMumbai is for you:



2. Delhi-based photographer Ravi Choudhary, who is working with a national daily, features some amazing portrait work.



3. Travel Photographer, Abhinav Singhai11378978_1459869367641062_1334321815_n11374239_450330441796446_1451175770_n

4. Vivita Relan and Avneet Mann who are the brains behind Delhi-based store The Wishing Chair feature a bunch of whimsical, artsy photographs and creatively-styled illustrations.



5. For the fashionistas there is Aayushi Bangur’s, Styledrive.

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6. Sonam Kapoor’s sister, and stylist Rhea Kapoor provides a fashionable sneak peak into the actress’s life every now and then.

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7. Meanwhile Bombay Bhukkad provides some great culinary insights:

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