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Listen to Your Favorite Songs Anywhere With These 7 Music Apps That Work Without Internet

Listening songs is my hobby! Words said by almost the 80% people of the world when asked what is your favorite hobby? Who doesn’t love music? Music is everywhere! Everything is better when you have a soundtrack whether you’re working at your desk, somewhere along your daily commute or sweating it out at the gym. But sometimes you don’t have access to the Internet. Therefore we have come up with a surprise package for all of the music freaks. Here are 7 Music apps that you can use without the Internet.

1) Spotify Premium: This app brings a vast collection of music songs that you can listen without the Internet. But yes, there is a monthly subscription fee, but if you truly love taking your music with you wherever you go then the price is worth it.

2) Evermusic: It is free on iOS. It allows users to download their favorite songs and keep them at a single place in one easy-to-use app.

3) Musify: As same as Evermusic Musify also let users save all their songs in one place. Alon with the features like shuffle and create custom playlists user can divvy up his music by country as well. Time to get to listening worldwide.

4) Google Play Music: This app brings an awesome radio feature and allows to store up to 50,000 songs. It is free on both iOS and Android.

5) Sound Weaver: Listen to music accessing your music from Dropbox to Soundcloud. You can also store music videos from YouTube via this app so you can listen AND watch. BOOM.

6) Apple Music: Have an access to the entire iTunes library via this app that released on June 30, 2015.

7) Spinrilla Pro: Listen to all the newest hip-hop mix tapes from your fave artists, DJs and producers offline for just a monthly subscription of $0.99.


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