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High Life 7 Reasons Hand Sanitisers Do More Harm Than Good

7 Reasons Hand Sanitisers Do More Harm Than Good

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We all think that carrying a bottle of Hand sanitiser with ourselves at all times and using it every time before eating is probably the best thing to do as we know that hand sanitisers are supposed to kill germs and bacteria. sanitizer-3Well, NO! What we knew till now about sanitisers is all wrong or you can say we didn’t know enough only until now..

1. They are ineffective on germs  sanitiser-5

Using hand sanitisers may give us a feeling that our hands are now rid of all the germs and bacteria but unfortunately it is not so. The only bacteria that it kills is the good bacteria. the amount of alcohol i.e. 60% is not enough to kill the germs.

2. The Triclosan contained in these are bad for health.

Triclosan is an antibacterial chemical which is added to hand sanitisers and that too in a larger amount if its low in alcohol. Triclosan makes our body resistant towards the traditional medicinal antibiotics thus making us prone to falling ill.

3. It is harmful for the skin  Hand-sanitisers-1

The chemicals present hand sanitisers makes our skin dry and can damage it if overused. Hence, it is advised to apply a lotion whenever you have to use a sanitiser.

4. Their smell is toxic

Man hand sanitisers contain harmful compunds to infuse fragrance in them known as phthalates which can easily enter your body through food and can affects fertility.

5. Increases absorption of BPA through skin

Hand sanitisers contain a very dangerous compound called BPA or Bisephenol A which if enters your system can cause deadly diseases like cancer. Sanitisers increase the absorption of this compound through our skin. Thermal receipts are known to contain BPA and suppose if you toucha thermal receipt after using a sanitiser then the BPA can easily enter your body through your skin and food. Scary!

6. It is believed to lower immunity  sanitiser-4

Regular use of hand sanitisers can lower your body’s immunity to a great extent as it also kills the good bacteria of the body, bacteria that actually helps to develop immunity.

7. Alcohol present in sanitisers is harmful

You probably would have noticed that the sanitisers smell like vodka and so did six teenagers from california who were hospitalised with alcohol poisoning from drinking hand sanitisers.

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