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7 Simple Steps To Say Goodbye To Body Odour Forever

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Nobody likes to be near a ‘Smelly Cat’ and nobody at all can take it to be one. The reasons for a bad body odour could be from lack of hygiene to even your diet. And so, to put all your BO related worries aside, here are 7 simple steps to make yo smell irresistible ALWAYS!

1. Personal Hygiene is must!

Personal hygiene is not something to be comprised. Any amount of deodrants or perfumes cannot have the same effect as a nice shower. Especially for those who sweat alot after working out, donot skip a shower however late you might be running. Its better to be late than be smelly!

2. Switch your Deo for better alternatives

Deodrants are said to have a harmful effect on your skin if used regularly in excess as per research. Therefore, a thought to switch your deo for better alternatives is worthwhile. Try fragrant body oils and floral perfumes for a good long lasting fragrance.

3. Apple cider vinegar will do the magic


This magical liquid is absolutely the best thing to your rescue. Vinegar gives you lush shiny hair as well has antiseptic properties which kills bacteria that causes bad odour. You can wipe your underarms dry with apple cider vinegar or add it to your bath water.

4. Balancing the pH of your skin

Our body and its largest organ viz. our skin is the outlet of toxins from our body. The products we use can sometimes clog the pores of our skin refraining them from letting out the enzymes and sweat which disturb the pH balance of our skin. Add a bit of witch-hazel and tea-tree oil to your bath water or you can aply it directly to any part of your body.

5. Detoxify yourself!


Here comes the diet! It could be the burger that you gorged on or the lattes that you lost count of while working which is telling your stink tale. Always allow your body to take time and cleanse off. To aid this process use detoxifying drinks. Water is the best drink to cleanse your system.

6. Have yourself a signature scent


Sweating is a natural process of your body so there is no need to be embarassed about it, in fact, sweating is good for your skin as it will take the load off and cleanse your system. However, make up for it by staying hygiene and to smell good you can use aquatic , citrus, or floral frangrant perfumes. Always carry a small bottle of your signature scent in your bag for mid-day touch ups or rushed mornings.

7. Switch to airy fabrics and opt for regular grooming

Time to switch to cotton and other natural fabrics in the hot and humid season. Fabrics such as polyester may be easy to maintain and not crumple in heat but they surely won’t let your skin breathe and trap sweat which leads to odour. Also, a regular waxing session is a good idea and keep your skin exfoliated to revive your skin.


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