Mobile Phones Of Deepika ,Sara And Rakul Preet Seized By NCB

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High Life 7 Struggles Only We Chubby Girls Go Through

7 Struggles Only We Chubby Girls Go Through

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Well first of all.. I am not Fat! Okay I maybe a few Kgs over but Hey! Its what you call being Chubby right? And I don’t want people to comment “Oh! YOu look so thin in this picture!” Or Hey! You look like you lost ALOT of weight” What does that mean? Huh! I am happy to be the size that I currently am and all those curves are an added bonus. I Love french fries and desserts and a Girl can drink heartily too! But I am Not Obese! And I don’t give a damn to what others may think or say! If you too relate to any of this..this post has got covered way more.

1. Analyzing the comment “You’re not looking fat at all in this picture!”

B*tch Please! What does that even mean? YOu want to compliment me but not without insulting? I’d rather have you saying “You look just like You in this picture.”


2. Eating with People you’re not so close with

Whoa! The toughtest job! Whenever you’re eating out people you’re not so close with or basically who you know won’t judge you, you’re in a constant battle to not seem fat ordering a big hefty meal and not even ruining your lunch by just having a salad. Okay! Im not skinny but I love a Hamburger with extra cheese but hey! Im even chubby so I’d better order just a salad. God! Its so annoying!


3. Choosing an Outfit To wear for the Weekend.

You can’t even go out wearing just about anything because a girl’s gotta look good. And so after changing and trying different outfits for a hundred times you either finally give up or find a decent wear. But even in that you’re never too sure so you keep looking at yourself in the mirror and keep asking your friends if you look fine! And God forbids if it happens to be a date.


4. Buying Jeans

However simple and nonchalant task as it seems, for a chubby girl like me, its a nightmare. Finding yourself a perfect pair of jeans that fits you right all the way from the thighs to the waist is like a miracle. And when you do find the right you wanna wear them all the time till you possibly can!

5. Wondering What A Guy Would Refer to as

Would he think I’m fat? He most certainly won’t think of me as skinny coz WTH I am not! What if he thinks I’m too fat for him? OMG! It just drives you crazy! And what more, you’ll never know which side you exactly fall, Coz there is no one fixed place!


6. Losing and Gaining Weight

We’re never stable at the scale! Nope! Certain months you weigh just about right and you have the feeling that you’ll probably go all skinny in a few more months and right that time you start eating a little moe than cheat meals and Boom! you’re again that chubby girl on the edge of getting fat!


7. Explaining People that you don’t wanna go out just because you wanna lose 2 Kgs

Its something only a chubby girl would totally get just like the rest of the things. You just wanna avoid junk and drinks for a weekend not because its gonno make you lose a pants size but only because it will make you feel skinnier than before. Its all in the mind! Yes but it matters to us!

At the end of the day just like in studies I am just about AVERAGE! Not too fat and not thin! Just average! I’ll get over it! *takes a swig at the drink*

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