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7 Super Funny Things That Happens When You Move To A Brand New City

We all grow up and part our ways from our old city in order to succeed our careers but when we shift to a new town or city we are not emotionally happy, yes we are glad that we are growing but never satisfied.

When you move to a new city you get confused with all the packing and stuff. Managing everything by your own.

When you cannot find time to cook yourself food and keep on gaining weight but cannot figure out where to go the gym ! Is there a gym nearby is the question you just keep on guessing and never come to a decision.

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When your landlord says that everything is working well but the flush stops working after just two uses.

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It’s been a week since you have shifted but you don’t own a washing machine neither can collect energy to wash all your clothes and the pile of clothes keeps on increasing.


When your washroom is a pure mess ! But you cannot gather the will to clean the whole place by yourself.


When it is a weekend or just another holiday you have no one to travel or roam around with and you miss your friends.

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You miss your mother !! The most hurtful thing is when you need someone to care for you but you have no mum !! You start missing all those things which your mother used to do for you.

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