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High Life 7 Things Which Indians Do Differently Than The Rest Of The World

7 Things Which Indians Do Differently Than The Rest Of The World

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When we talk about Indians, please do not mind my words. We mostly crack jokes, the reason is only one and that is because we Indians are hilarious. Every Indian knows that there are certain house rules if you are eating lunch what should you do rules, greet every elder rule etc. There are some things which only we Indians can do perfectly. And we are proud of it! Yeah…we are! even if it is the grossest thing to do. Indians have some certain lifestyle rules and habits, things which we do in a strange way.  Let us take a look at those things.

You Know You Are A True-blood Indian if you have done these things :

You Think That Nothing Is Impossible As There Is Always ‘Jugaad”! For Every Single Problem On Earth.


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The First Thing ( Maybe the only thing for some people ) You Notice Or Read In A Newspaper Is Your Horoscope, Thinking And Praying That Today Is My Lucky Day.


You Do not Take off Your New Car Seat Covers For At Least A Year As You Do Not Want Them To Get All Dirty.


You Are A Bad Ass When It Comes To Bargaining! Literally!


You Have Excuse For Everything. You Always Make Excuse For Arriving Late.


The One Drink We Offer To All Of Our Guests CHAI !! ( Aunty, chai?? )


You Celebrate Each And Single Festival And Event In Your Life.


There are other things also which Indians do differently, for example, Indians love cricket, you cry at everything.

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