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News Technology 7 Upcoming Technology Trends That Will Take Over The Year 2017

7 Upcoming Technology Trends That Will Take Over The Year 2017

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Technology is a boon to every human that can afford it. Technology makes our lives easier by reducing our human efforts. Undoubtedly, the field of technology is widening every day with the advancements that are occurring. We are in such an era that we rely so much on technology that we can’t even imagine ourselves without our day to day gadgets that we carry every day with us.

But technology is advancing at such a fast pace that it has something new to offer every year. We have with us such new technology trends definitely take over the year 2017.

  1. IoT( Internet of Things) and Smart Home Automation System

 IoT(Internet of Everything) is nothing but the inter-connection networking system that is responsible for connecting smart devices with each other. Imagine a smart home with all smart devices connected to each other, making your lives easier with the utmost level of comfort.

We know that you are still a bit confused. Let’s suppose you are at the office and but you want your air conditioner to automatically cool your room before you even reach there, you need IoT. If you love cooking but at the same time you want to get the new updates in the kitchen, you can tell your voice assistant on  Amazon Echo to read you the news.

You can connect cameras, air-conditioners, alarm systems and every gadget with your smartphone and can control the functioning of your appliances and gadgets without being present there. From house, security to complete automation, the key to everything in your hand. This the very reason, it is called INTERNET of THINGS.

video source: IBM Think Technology

2. AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality)

For the people who consider it as the same thing, let’s give a slight detail about these.

Augmented Reality is a technology by which the computer generated image superimposes with the image of the real world. This can be used to make the bare image talk in the way that you can exactly know how it will look after modification. In simple words, it just adds meaning or life to the image by adding more graphics and making it interact with the real world.

7 Upcoming Technology Trends That Will Take Over The Year 2017
source: augment

7 Upcoming Technology Trends That Will Take Over The Year 2017
source: trend hunter

Virtual Reality is an artificial computer-generated simulation that recreates our reality by creating a completely different environment for you. This makes the people feel as if they are experiencing a different world. This can only be done when the user wears a Virtual reality helmet. You can enjoy imaginary video games and 3D movies by using it.

7 Upcoming Technology Trends That Will Take Over The Year 2017
source: reflecties

7 Upcoming Technology Trends That Will Take Over The Year 2017
source: fortune

3. Machine Learning

machine learning is the technology where computers learn about new things by themselves without being programmed to do so. This is a version of Artificial intelligence where computer when exposed to new and unknown data, itself enable themselves to grow, change and develop by themselves.

4. Automation

Automation is nothing but the automatic control of your devices and appliances by the control of their operating system running them. Automation can be used in every industry including manufacturing, transportation, utilities, defense and many other. This not only eases human efforts but increases the rate of accuracy.

5. Humanized Big data

Big data is nothing but large data sets of data that are too difficult and complex for data processing software. And these data when analyzed reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions.

But the question arises can everyone understand these patterns and trends? And the answer is no. Humanized Big Data is the solution, even the non-data scientists can easily understand these patterns and trends through it.

6. Physical-Digital Integrations

In simple words, connecting the physical world with the digital world is what Physical-Digital Integrations are all about. Big companies are creating applications that connect you well with their physical world without your actual effort. This is a vice versa relation, Physically existing companies are creating digital applications and digital companies are creating physical products to get in touch with their customers.

7. Everything-On-Demand

Everything-On-Demand is nothing but the instant accessibility of services on the customer’s demand. Applications like Uber and other food ordering applications are the best example of this. You can order food and order a cab regardless of your locations. And these needs are met instantly.

Let’s hope these technology trends take over this year completely, making our lives easier and better.

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